Young cardiologists




  • R.V. Shamoyan

Vice Chair

  • S.K. Pepoyan

The role of YCGA

The YCGA is an official structure within the Armenian Cardiologists Association(ACA) which is a good platform for the career development of young cardiologists.


  • To organize seminars and conferences on various topics of cardiology.
  • To organize summer school once a year.
  • Active collaboration with ESC young communities and other international organizations of young cardiologists.



If a ACA member <40 years old, he or she is automatically considered a member of YCGA and can fee 50% for ACA membership.

The creation of a nucleus, chair and vice chair


  • The nucleus is created once every 4 years and approved by the ACA board.
  • The chair and vice chair are offered by the YCGA nucleus members and approved by the ACA board once every 4 years.
  • If a nucleus member resign, a new nucleus member is elected by the YCGA and confirmed by the ACA board.


Contact Information

We have a page on Facebook where you can follow our activity. The page is called ‘Young Cardiologists Group of Armenia’.



  • Educational projects
    • Summer School
    • CPR training
    • Guidelines translation