Sophia Antipolis, 23 March 2023

Dear Professor Hayrapetyan,

As ESC Vice President in charge of the relations with the Armenian Cardiologists Association, I would like to acknowledge the strong ties between ACA and the European Society of Cardiology.

The Armenian Cardiologists Association joined the ESC family in 1997 and has been playing an active role since then. Together we advocate for high-quality care and the application of standards through the latest ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines. We disseminate scientific knowledge, act in the interests of patients, and represent our communities of cardiovascular professionals.

I would like to thank the society and its members warmly, for its ongoing commitment in fulfilling the European Society of Cardiology mission “to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease”. In this context, the new website of ACA is a major asset to disseminate knowledge, exchange experience and enhance the collaboration between ESC and ACA.

Through the continued support of ACA, its input, and the exchange of scientific information, we are stronger together to improve cardiovascular research and innovation and very much look forward to further grow the collaboration.

Best wishes,

Stephan Windecker, FESC
ESC Vice President 2022 - 2024


Dear colleagues

I am very happy to learn the launch of the Website of the Armenian Cardiologists Association (ACA). It is great news!

Nowadays, a Website is a key element for a National Cardiac Society. It enhances communication between the members of the Society themselves and outside toward the other National Cardiac Societies and colleagues worldwide. It also has a special value for information, and beyond, education.
This effort is a real step forward for your Association and illustrates once again its commitment to improving Cardiology in Armenia for better patient benefit.

I was lucky enough to appreciate the work that ACA does on the occasion of the collaboration we established a couple of years ago together with Hamlet Hayrapetian and several other colleagues from your Association.
To me, this joint effort is exemplary in several aspects: The essence of our collaboration is interaction and now we know each other better which is key. We did together several Webinars aiming at implementing the newest ESC Guidelines. It gave to the colleagues from EU who were involved, the opportunity to better appreciate the quality and the challenges of you are facing here. The mutual efforts also helped the members of ACA to engage more within the ESC and Euro PCR which are major organisations for education in Europe and worldwide. These achievements were only the first steps and they should be further reinforced by creating more educational events together, such as Webinars and congress, and increasing the presence of the Association on the European scene by supporting young Armenian colleagues. 
The association is also engaged in research via the participation in ESC Registries ( currently ROPAC and soon SURF) and is about to start a national registry and a trial on STEMI with the support of Nicolas danchin and Jean Philippe Collet from Paris.

The work we have done together during the last year is already appreciated in the community and you can count on the support of those who participated i.e. : ESC Board Members such as Victor Aboyans and Associations from France : first line is ASAF (Action Sante Armenie France Avedis Matikian, Paul Barragan, Jean Claude Deharo) involved for a long time in Armenia. ASAF organises a congress in Yerevan (Euro Caucasian Congress of Cardiology), every two years since 2007. It will happen again this year in May with a joint effort of the Association and ASAF . ASAF is also continuing to support to the Cardiac Centre in Goris – The second Association is Santé Arménie, whose president is Arsene Mekinian. It is a new and active player here since it helped in the logistics of the Webinars last year, and now offers the support of a Research Centre for initiating registries and trials.

I am sure that the new Web site will be a major component of the Association. All of you and your “inspiring President” Hamlet Hayrapetian should be congratulated for the achievement.
You can count on the active support of many of us : “Together we will achieve more,” as used to say Jean Marco.

All my best wishes to you, the Association, and of course Armenia.

Alec Vahanian